Celebrate this day by honoring the grandparent of your choice. Grandparents have played a significant role in shaping our personalities and character. Dr Oral Pavlov, our health and finance correspondent offers his touching reflection on his favorite grandparent.

Dr Pavlov

When I think of Grandparents Day my mind takes me back to the sweet reveries of my childhood and the wonderful times I spent with my grandmum. I fondly remember my favorite book, The Protocols Of Elder, and Grandmum  would read this epic every night when I was troubled with nightmares. I would awake crying out, “the Papists are coming” and she would enter my bed chamber in a flowing robe of red and olive green in a shear fiber that offered me a tantalizing yet forbidden glimpse into the feminine mystique that I still hold sacred to this day. After clearing my bed of comics, decapitated toy soldiers and various sexual devices she would then take me on an imaginary ride to the land of the Jew. Grandmum is gone, the victim of unspeakable deviances but her memory lives on in my character of this well adjusted American. Today I can proudly state that I hate Catholics, Muslims and Jews with equal fervor and I wish to thank this kind, loving woman for the compassion for the criminally insane that I hold today.  Wishing you the best in your practice of proper mental hygiene. I remains,  Dr Oral Pavlov, The Director


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The season’s last episode “Suicide Watch” featuring actual mentally ill patients set in a famous institute for the criminally insane airs tonight on Fox in this “thinking man‘s reality show.” During a field trip the residents are enjoying the grounds of the institute illuminated by a full moon and one by one they mysteriously disappear. Was the short circuit in the hydrotherapy unit an accident or a suicide? Did Napoleon slip or was he pushed into the pet crematorium? And how did three residents drown in the empty swimming pool?
The answer to these questions will be revealed plus the introduction of a real cliff hanger for next year’s series. Not suitable for children under three.


Tonight 9 PM Fox They’re back! A third year of the crime comedy show, The Recidivists will premier tonight on Fox. In this gritty, realistic series George, Tevon and Brittany return as the intrepid trio fights crime while undergoing treatment at a Chicago methadone clinic.

In this episode the clinic’s psychopathic director, Dr Howard Mann suspects the trio is involved in a urine fixing scheme led by a notorious Mexican drug lord portrayed by Justin Bieber making his acting debut while the clinic’s head urinologist, played by Mckenzie Philips attempts suicide after Tevon refuses her gift of designer neck ties. Fun for the whole family! THE RECIDIVISTS! Is proudly sponsored by Roxane Laboratories “The right dose just at the right time”



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Today’s parents face a terrifying environment in order to create a happy child safe from the scourge of mental illness and depression. Drug addicted teachers, gun toting gangs, a political system gone mad with regulation and taxes are just a few of the perils that hinder the development of our children from becoming well adjusted and contented consumers.  In NNN’s five part series, “Your Child’s Happiness From A to Z”, proudly sponsored by AstraZeneca, the company that cares about your child’s mental health and well-being, we will explore how parents can utilize new and revolutionary techniques to cure the ills of our techno obsessed society and its satanic influence over our children’s delicate minds.

Dr Oral Pavlov, NNN’s health and education consultant highly recommends the series; “I had the opportunity to view a pre-release of this vital broadcast and I can say that if the criminally insane watched this series over 98% of school shootings would never had happened. I may also add that Miley Cyrus did an outstanding job in her first dramatic role portraying a child psychiatrist.”

NNN’s first installment will air Friday at 9 Pm on Fox.

Parents, when your child opens that special birthday gift does he just stare into space with that all too familiar disturbed look? Does she spend hours in creating inappropriate games and doesn’t learn anything? Does he waste endless hours with miniature cars and trucks while making crashing sounds and other obscene noises? These are sure signs that your child will grow up to be a worthless and unhappy daydreamer facing a future of poverty, mental illness and depression. Or worse!

“How To Play With Toys” will teach you how to guide your child’s creativity and  imagination in a goal directed process with the approved method of reward and penalties designed by child development experts at our Nation’s leading behavioral clinics. Imagine how proud you will be when your child’s Facebook page will be the envy of the neighborhood! If you truly love your child then you won’t miss this special presentation.

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But that’s not all these blocks can do! The metric system is taught in a fun way and soon your child will instantly learn how to compute kilograms, grams, milligrams  and micrograms displayed on its built in high resolution screen. You will be amazed at how quickly your little man or little lady will learn the meaning and proper intervals of one, two, three times a day! So order yours now and give your child the head start they deserve. Operators are standing by.
*Detactilnite is a trademark of Monsanto Industrial  Polymers”

NNN TELE WATCH – The Evictors

Recommended Viewing For The Whole Family

Chad, De’shun and Misty, the intrepid crew of the Evictors! journey to Detroit in a secret mission in this new docu-comedy. Closing an inner city orphanage and throwing their stuff out into the streets while faced with two cantankerous nuns and 12 mischievous orphans the crew really has their work cut out for them!  Sister Servelia, played by Bette Midler and Sister Chastity, played by Lady Gaga do a fine job but it is the adorable orphans that steal the show when Chad re-posses their toy soldiers. One of the funniest scenes I have witnessed in all my views of television watching. Don’t miss it.

9pm EDST on ABC.
Proudly Sponsored By AstraZeneca    “We care about your depression”