My fellow Amerikans;

The Betty Ford Institute For The Criminally Insane needs your help!  One of our resident programs that prepares deserving men and woman for a second (or third or fourth) chance to become a productive member of society needs financial help!  The institute needs cadavers, dolls, framed pictures of Mily Ccyrus  and other supplies to continue their goal to return our residents to society.  As you gather around the Christmas tree and enjoy your Holiday feast, won’t you think of us? Please give and give generously and you may find that your doctor or dentist is one of our graduates. Thank you and best wishes this Holiday season!

Pictured is one of our High Honors students, Fred P,  practicing the art of cranial injection, Won’t you please help him realize his dreams of becoming a neural surgeon or pumpkin farmer?


Dr Oral Pavlov, Director

P.S.  It is a fact that 98% of the criminally insane did not donate to charity

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