Making friends with people from different countries and cultures can open your child’s mind to a new sense of wonder and curiosity about the world  while stimulating their imagination and promoting proper mental hygiene. It also becomes a valuable asset in the world of business as they become more familiar with the different people that comprise our ever expanding global economy. For children who are shy, do not easily make friends and are somewhat withdrawn, a pen pal may be the key that unlocks their closed mind opening it to new ways of dealing with society and forming a bond with their pen pal that may result in a life changing experience. The Betty Ford Institute For The Criminally Insane is proud to announce our “Pal From The Pen” program where your child can now find a new friend with one of our trained and qualified residents (some who were even former pen pals). They will share their life experiences and act as a guide and mentor. No longer will your child feel unwanted but proud to have a new friend who he can now share secrets and private thoughts that he would  never share with his friends or parents.

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