Ms Margaret  Porcinello has been awarded the coveted “Sylvia Plath ‘ trophy for her poetry excellence in this year’s poetry contest. During her twenty years as a member of our community, Margaret has made great strides in overcoming her eating disorder characterized by a morbid fascination with kitchen utensils and raw meat.This is evidenced at mealtime where, despite the fine cuisine meticulously prepared by our resident chefs, she still leaves some of her tasty meal on the plate. She has also lost 150 pounds and as Margaret always says, “I don’t miss them one bit”. Congratulations, Margaret! I know you will treasure your award, a Miley Cyrus Designer Spoon generously donated by AstraZeneca. We hope you will not only enjoy her poem but that it will also inspire you to reach new heights in your practice of proper mental hygiene.


                             Margie went to her only friend’s house                                                                                     The one with the white door                                                                                                     She did not knock                                                                                                                     But pulled the chrome handle                                                                                                   looked inside and said hello                                                                               To a jug of milk                                                                                                                           And a half-eaten hermit crab

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